I decided to explore mobile app development as a personal experiment and utilised the idea of a realtime train departure board for any train station in the UK.

Firstly, I constructed a database of all of train stations nationwide, along with their long/lat cooridinates and their 3 letter alpha codes from multiple free sources online.

I then signed up to the National Rail Enquires API which gives you access to realtime national train information.

The app is developed using the React-Native framework which allows you to develop using javascript and compile to a native application for Android & iOS.

Features include:

• Geo-locator to find the nearest train stations (within a 10 mile radius)
• Searchable map to locate stations anywhere in the UK
• Departures filterable by destination
• Departure time offset
• Pull-to-refresh for up to the minute information
• Save favourite stations and/or routes

Download from Google Play now. Coming soon to iOS.

Personal Project
Download From Google Play
Board - Live Train Times